My handy dandy knockdown texture match sponge does it again!

“Overtime I’ve been able to match knockdown texture on ceilings and walls with my handy dandy knockdown texture match sponge.

I used to try and spray on a knockdown texture even on small repairs. This meant that usually everything in that area need to be moved and the flooring and surrounding ceiling and walls would need to be protected on theses small drywall repairs otherwise the texture would get all over the surfaces meaning everything would need to be repainted. Which there is no need to do for a small repair. The knockdown sponge technique I developed and have used on countless ceiling repair and wall repair jobs will running my drywall and painting business for over 20 years. It took a lot of trial and error to get there. Now I can confidently say that I can use my texturing techniques and my knockdown texture match sponge to match most knockdown textures that are on the ceilings and walls of millions of homes here in the united states.

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On this ceiling repair project I was called out to repair two drywall tape joint cracks and match the knockdown texture right at this home’s front entry foyer. The existing knockdown texture was a large splatter knockdown. Large to medium knockdown texture is what most ceilings have and usually walls have a light to medium knockdown texture.

“My knockdown texture sponge can easily match a light, medium or heavy knockdown texture on walls or ceilings.

So after laying down some 2 mil plastic underneath the ceiling repair and securing the plastic wit 2″ masking tape I was ready to remove the areas of drywall paper tape that were cracking.

1) I resecured the drywall to the furring strips underneath the drywall
*Tip- Once you remove the drywall tape you can usually see any existing screws to locate where you can apply a screw.

2) Retaped the affected tape joints with a self adhering fiberglass mesh drywall tape and 3 coats of a quick setting type joint compound.

3) Applied a final thin coat of all purpose joint compound to the entire ceiling repair feathering all of the edges and fine sand with a 100 grit sanding sponge.

Drywall tape joints repaired and ready for knockdown texture

4) Using my knockdown texture match sponge I’m ready to apply the knockdown texture mix, which is nothing more than all purpose joint compound that I thinned down with just a tiny bit of water to get any air pockets out.

Knockdown texture match sponge in action

5) Once I had all of the ceiling repairs covered with the knockdown texture. I like to feather the texture out from the repair at least 12″ inches so that the new knockdown texture blends out gradually into the existing ceiling texture.

Feathering out the knockdown sponge texture

6) Next, I let the new texture sit for about 15 minutes before knocking it down.
*Tip- I like to use a plexiglass knockdown paddle to knockdown the texTure. A metal drywall knife will work, but they do tend to smush the texture down a little more than the plexiglass does.

Knocking down the texture

Knocked down and blended

7) Lastly, I let the ceiling repair and knockdown texture dry overnight before priming and painting the repair.
*Tip- For priming and painting, I like to use a roller with a 3/4″ inch roller nap.

Knockdown sponge texture primed and painted

In conclusion:

My knockdown texture match sponge saved me time, money, kept a lot of unneeded plastic out of our landfill and I got a better finish on this ceiling repair then if I would have tried to use a texture hopper or larger texturing machine to apply the knockdown texture to this repair.

In my over 20 years in business as a drywall contractor and painting contractor, I’ve found that using my texturing technique along with my knockdown texture sponge. I could match or at least get really similar knockdown texture on smaller wall and ceiling repairs. And after drywall and ceiling repairs are primed and painted. You can’t even see the repaired textured areas!

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The Texture Master’s Knockdown Texture Sponge $17.99 + $4.99 shipping & handling :

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