Knockdown texture sponge can match texture on wall repairs too!

Knockdown texture sponge- Knocking down texture on a wall repair

In this blog post I wanted to show how the knockdown texture sponge cannot only
do a great job at matching the knockdown texture on a ceiling repair. But the knockdown texture
sponge can also match light, medium or heavy knockdown texture on walls

“My knockdown texure sponge can match your knockdown textured walls on drywall repairs

I used to try and spray knockdown texture on small wall repairs. This meant everything in that area where the wall repair needed to be moved and the flooring and surrounding ceiling and walls would need to be protected on theses small drywall repairs. Otherwise the sprayed on texture would get all over the everything. Which there is no need to do for a small wall repair. My knockdown sponge technique I developed and have used on countless wall repairs and ceiling repair jobs will running my drywall and painting business for the last 20 years. It took a lot of trial and error to develop a better way to not only match knockdown texture. But there is literally no mess!. Now I can confidently say that I can use my texturing techniques and my knockdown texture sponge to match most knockdown textures that are on the walls and ceilings of homes from coast to coast here in the united states.


on my portable drywall demonstration walls I’m going to show you how to repair a wall and then apply A knockdown texture to match your existing knockdown texture with my knockdown texture sponge.

Knockdown Texture Sponge $17.99 + $4.99 shipping & handling :

Now you can match knockdown texture like a Pro!

My drywall demonstration walls have a medium knockdown texture that
I will be trying to match today. I’m going to be using my knockdown texture sponge a stainless steel drywall mud pan and 8 inch drywall taping knife to knock down the texture.

Wall repair knockdown texture matching

Knockdown texture applied with texture sponge

Knocking down the knockdown sponge texture after letting it set up for about 10 minutes

Knocked down texture with a 8 inch drywall knife

Perfect match on a wall repair with my Knockdown texture sponge!

Knockdown texture sponge corner repair

Knockdown texture sponge wall repair close-up

On this simulated wall repair project I was called out to repair two drywall tape joint cracks and match the knockdown texture right at this home’s front entry foyer. The existing knockdown texture was a large splatter knockdown. Large to medium knockdown texture is what most ceilings have and usually walls have a light to medium knockdown texture.

“My knockdown texture sponge can easily match a light, medium or heavy knockdown texture on wall repairs.

Match knockdown texture on drywall repairs:The knockdown texture sponge is Great for wall repairs and patches too!

In this video I’m demonstrating how to match a medium knockdown texture on a drywall repair on my drywall demonstration wall at the corner of a wall. I’ll be using my knockdown texture sponge and technique. I’m using an all purpose joint compound with just a few drops of water mixed in to remove any air pockets or bubbles.. I’m also using a drywall mud pan to load the sponge with the knockdown texture mix and a 8″ stainless steal drywall knife to knock the texture down with.

Knockdown Texture Sponge $17.99 + $4.99 shipping & handling :

Now you can match knockdown texture like a Pro!

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