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Texture matching can be challenging. Really it takes years to perfect

But with the right instruction, techniques and specialty texture matching products.

You can do it!

Hi my name is Paul and I Am The Texture Master.

I’ve been a drywall contractor and painting contractor for over 20 years.

I really enjoy helping people out with their drywall, texturing and painting projects. Not only do I help DIY’ers out, I also help contractors out too. I’m a moderator on two of the largest and successful contractor forums on the internet. One forum for all kinds of contractors and another one specifically for drywall contractors. I also participate on several DIY forums helping anyone out that needs it.

What makes me unique is not only am I a drywall contractor but painting contractor as well. So I get to see what a textured wall and ceiling repair look like after they’ve been painted. Which a lot of times really isn’t how they looked before they were painted. You can see all kinds of blemishes and mismatched textures that can be a real eyesore on otherwise great-looking wall or ceiling in someone’s home.

Over the years I’ve been working on creating texture matching products and techniques to help me
repair these areas and make a repaired textured finish look almost perfect. In doing so any of my business I had a YouTube channel where I was posting projects of texture matching painting drywall repair ceiling repairs etc. and the videos that got the most views were texturing videos of knockdown, skip trowel and orange peel. All with thousands of views.

So, since there was so much interest in my texturing specialty, what I wanted to do was create a place where homeowners and contractors can come and see textures with a little more detailed information and watch videos with some of my texturing tips, tricks and see some of my specialty texturing products that I’ve created to use on my own drywall and painting business’s repair and remodeling projects in action.

Not only do I do all drywall textures and plastering textures. I also do
stucco texture and pool deck texture matching as well.
My specialty is blending textures on all substrates. I even dabble in drywall art sculptures and hand painting them!
So stick around and subscribe to my YouTube channel’s. Like me on Facebook and stay tuned for some more great videos, information and products from:

The Texture Master!

If you have a question or video request? Please post them in my Youtube Channels “Discussion Section” or any of my 300 Youtube videos.