Orange Peel Texture (What is it?)

Orange peel texture is a very popular texture in many areas of the United States and Canada. Here in my area most of the general contractors that are building homes in new construction are pretty much using orange peel texture exclusively in kitchens and bathrooms because of its cleanability and durability in the high-use areas of a home. Orange peel texture has stood the test of time and outlasted all of the various textures that have come and gone since the 1970s through to the early 1990s. Needless to say, that orange peel texture is in millions of homes’ ceilings and walls!
“Orange peel texture can be applied in a light, medium or even a heavy consistency, depending on the look you’re going for…
Here are a few close-up photos of the variations of orange peel texture:


Check Out my Featured Orange Peel Texture Video Playlist!
Click Here–> youtube/playlist/orange-peel-texture
In this Video Playlist I have video footage from everything to applying orange peel texture tips and tricks, some finished project videos and even some video footage where I wear a GoPro camera to get a very unique perspective of the orange peel texturing process.
“The best way to describe orange peel texture is that it looks just like the texture on the peel of a real orange…
The best way to describe orange peel texture is that it looks just like the texture on the peel of a real orange.
“Orange Peel is very versatile yet minimal texture that can add a warm and cheery feel to any wall or ceiling.
Orange Peel Texture is applied by spraying thinned down a premixed joint compound or a special ceiling and wall texture product that comes in a powder form that has to be mixed with water to get the proper consistency depending on the type of orange peel (heavy, medium or light) you’re going for or trying to match.

DIY Orange Peel Texture for the Do it Yourselfer’s:
If you’re a Do it Yourselfer that wants to apply a orange peel texture on a ceiling repair, drywall repair, a wall that you removed wallpaper from or even just want to spray an orange peel in a room or two of your home. Then a hopper gun and compressor will probably do just fine for spraying the orange peel.
But, if you are going to do any more than a room or two, I would recommend renting a texture machine from one of the big box stores or a local tool rental store in your area for around $45 a day or so. These texture rigs have a separate hopper that’s not attached to the gun. This hopper also holds more texture than a hand-held hopper gun that tends to get really heavy after spraying texture after only a few minutes. Plus, you don’t have to stop to refill it as often either. This all saves time and energy on larger texturing projects.
If you only need to match orange peel texture on a small drywall repair or ceiling repair, I would recommend using my orange peel sponge that can match any of the variations of orange peel.
“With just a little technique instructions from the Texture Master, You can Do It!
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