Skip Trowel Texture (What is it?)

Skip Trowel texture is a very popular texture in many areas of the United States . Here in my area most of the high end homes have this very elegant texture that also has a Mediterranean flair to it as well.
Skip trowel has been around since the old lath and plaster day’s and is still a very desired texture till this day.
Depending where you live skip trowel texture has different styles and looks. Here in the Southeastern United States skip trowel texture has sand mixed in with an all purpose joint compound along with a little water.
“Skip trowel texture can give any room an unique, modern and elegant feel!
Skip trowel texture looks a lot like a finish used on drywall walls and ceilings called knockdown texture. Skip trowel is just a little more spaced and spread out more than knockdown texture is. Skip trowel also looks a lot like a medium stucco finish.
Skip trowel is applied by hand and can be applied in a light, medium or even a heavy consistency, depending on the look you’re going for…
Here’s a few close up photos of the variations of skip trowel texture:

Skip Trowel Texture Lighted-Tray Ceiling - Kitchen Lighting
Skip Troweled Lighted Tray Ceiling – Kitchen Light

” Another great feature of Skip Trowel is it’s Awesome hiding ability.
If you’ve had a ceiling repair or wall repair and can still see exactly where it was. You might be able to apply a variation of your very own skip trowel texture to not only update your space but also make those ugly sheetrock repairs almost vanish!
DIY Skip Trowel Texture Ceiling
DIY Skip Trowel Texture for the Do it Yourselfer’s:
If you’re a Do it Yourselfer that wants to apply a skip trowel texture on a ceiling repair, drywall repair, a wall that you removed wallpaper from, a decorative accent wall or even just want to apply an skip trowel texture in a room or two of your home. You’re going to need a coarse sand, all purpose joint compound. Depending on your preference on drywall finishing tool you can use a hawk or drywall mud pan to hold your skip trowel mix. Then to actually apply the skip trowel you can use a trowel or drywall knife.
Check Out my Featured Skip Trowel Texture Video Playlist!
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In this Video Playlist I have video footage from everything from how to mix skip trowel, applying tips and tricks and even some project videos where I wear a GoPro camera to get a very unique perspective of the skip troweling process.
Skip trowel texture tools
Skip trowel texture tools
Skip Trowel Drywall Texture Tutorial 2018

If you have a Question about my skip trowel drywall texture tutorial? Please leave them in the comment section of this video
Skip trowel drywall texture tutorial
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The tools I used to mix and apply the Skip Trowel Texture:
Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2-
Paint and Mud Mixer-
Skip Trowel Sand-
13″ Drywall Mud Hawk-
14″ Drywall Taping Knife-
6″ Drywall Taping Knife-
Werner Work Platform-
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In this quick video that was filmed with an iPhone 6, Paul Peck will show you a couple of his tips and tricks on creating a skip trowel texture on a ceiling that he had just removed the popcorn ceiling texture. Paul is using a 14 inch drywall taping knife, mud hawk and some all-purpose joint compound mixed with Texture Masters skip trowel sand and a little water added to the mix. Thanks for watching!
Be sure to checkout Paul Peck’s Youtube Channel here–>

This is a short video clip of Paul applying a skip trowel texture to a ceiling.

In this video I’m gonna show you all kinds of tips and tricks about skip trowel texture. I’ll be showing you how to mix the skip trowel texture. What tools you’ll need to mix the skip trowel texture and also how to apply a skip trowel texture.
Now you can match skip trowel texture like a Pro!
“With just a little technique instructions from the Texture Master, You can Do It!
Painted skip trowel ceiling after a ceiling repair
Painted skip trowel ceiling after a ceiling repair

Are you feeling a little Bold? Paint your skip trowel ceiling with a semi gloss or satin paint. and watch the detail of the skip trowel texture light up!
Skip trowel texture is applied by hand which is a lot less messy than a spray texture, so the prep time can be cut in half as opposed to covering and protecting your flooring, walls and personal items that you would have to do to be able to spray a knockdown texture or orange peel texture.
For the record my preference is to use hawk and 14″ drywall taping knife when i’m applying a skip trowel texture.




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