Drywall repair mud work demonstration video on a water damaged ceiling

How to repair water damage drywall ceiling. In this Part 2 video. I’ll be demonstrating how to apply a hot mud, 20 minute quick setting joint compound to the fiberglass drywall mesh tape in this drywall repair mud work video.

On the second coat I’ll be using an all-purpose joint compound made by USG in applying both coats with a 12 inch drywall taping knife and a stainless steel mud pan.

in this drywall ceiling repair demonstration video I’ll also show you how to flat tape the ceiling where it meets the wall so you don’t have to do any corner drywall taping and get mud on the wall.

Drywall repair mud work demonstration

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Drywall repair mud work demonstration

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Stay tuned for part three or I show you how to send the water damage to drywall ceiling repair with a sanding sponge and also match the knockdown texture with the knockdown texture sponge made by the texture master.

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In Part 1 of this Water Damaged Drywall ceiling Repair Video Series

I demonstrated:
1) How to cut out the drywall with one of my slick drywall tricks
for a perfect cut every time.
2) How to install furring strip when there is no where to attach a piece of drywall.
3) Lastly in this video I’m gonna show you how I apply a fiberglass mesh drywall tape. So stick around and watch this whole water damage drywall ceiling repair video series if you want to learn how to repair your own drywall and match your texture. -Paul
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