Hurricane Irma- Before and After Video from Satellite Beach, Florida

My Hurricane Irma Adventure… Check Out the Videos Below!!

Even though hurricane Irma landfall is over 150 miles away and 6 hours away from hitting us, We’re still feeling some pretty heavy affects on the dirty side of Hurricane Irma. Heavy rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles an hour. Been under tornado warnings all day today! This is going to be a long night….

Hurricane Irma- The Morning After Update

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Here’s my Hurricane Irma- The Morning After Update for September 11, 2017 at 7:00 AM in Satellite Beach Florida.
After a pretty rough night from Irma I went outside and saw I had some roof damage fences down and some trees down and debris everywhere. There was a lot of soffits and shingles from all of my neighbors homes scattered throughout my yard and everyone else’s. As I walked down my street, I saw flat roof that blew off of a two-story apartment building. Somehow it had just missed a pretty expensive boat parked along the back of the building and blew right over it… i’ll also take you across the street to see the ocean and also some kind of damage and powerlines down. A lot of beach a erosion happened here in Satellite Beach from hurricane Irma. I’ll show you footage of all this and more.

Thanks so much for watching! -Paul

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