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Learn how to skim coat


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Learn how to skim coat with this mixing skim coat mud quick tip. In this skim coating tutorial I’ll show you the the tools you need to mix the skim coat mud. I’ll show you how to mix an all purpose joint compound to the right consistency for going over a textured surface. I also tell you how to mix the skim coat mud for skimming over new drywall, after wallpaper removal or even if your walls or ceiling just needs a face lift from the everyday use you walls get in certain rooms of your home. These skim coat quick tips are for you! Thanks so much for watching! -Paul

Below are some of my favorite tools you need to mix and apply a skim coat:
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If you ever wondered how you can get rid of a poorly done texture on a wall or ceiling. This is the perfect technique for anyone from a Do it Yourself homeowner’s to a handyman, handygirl, professional painter or contractors.

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In this Video Playlist I have video footage of me skim coating the walls of an entire bathroom. I’ll give you countless tips and tricks while I’m wearing a GoPro camera to get a very unique perspective of the skim coating process.

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